Concierge services.

An approach so refreshing and welcomed in real estate. Consistent communication related to marketing efforts, detailed industry feedback from agents that have seen your property, and emerging marketing trends from Local Experts.

Here's a new pleasing option for you, True Presence. Compass brokerage is the largest IT brokerage in the world leveraging the strengths and the tools  customizable proactive marketing. Our exposure at all levels is not duplicated by any other brokerage in the world.

And when you see the REALTOR logo, you know you have not just a Real Estate Agent. .

You have a REALTOR, who is looking out for your best interest.


Diligent, hard-working, trustworthy, professional, friendly, helpful, and supportive. Knowledgeable about market and process. Always delivers quickly on promises. She’s the best there is!
-Shannon R. Client

Trust.  When you allow us to be your partner during your real estate journey, we don’t take this for granted.
To us, this is a relationship that will go far beyond the current transaction.



Vast knowledge of the Real Estate Markets is critical in pricing of properties. Years of knowledge that one only learns from daily work with detailed research one home at a time.


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